Our Church



Holy Trinity Christchurch welcomes you

IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TO HOLY TRINITY CHRISTCHURCH BEFORE …we would be delighted if you would like to come and join in one of our services.

This information is designed to help you feel at home with us, and to make that first visit more comfortable.

When you enter the church you will see the main area of the church on your right. People usually arrive ten minutes or more before the service,  There is a map and an address on the home page of the web site to help you find us. We do not usually have special seats, except that the choir stalls are at the back of the church near the organ, so you can sit anywhere else you wish. Before you do, make yourself known to the person who will welcome you and give you the books ready for the service. Michael, our parish priest, would be pleased to say hello, and you will see his photograph elsewhere on this website so that you can recognise him.

Just watch when other people stand and sit, and follow their lead throughout the service

If the service is one of Holy Communion, or Eucharist and you usually receive communion in your local church, please join in and take Holy Communion with us. If you do not wish to receive Holy Communion, please come to the altar rail, keeping your hands at your side (so that Father Michael knows what your wishes are), and you will receive a blessing at the same time that others are receiving holy communion.

The service is usually a mixture of Hymns and prayers, bible readings and a sermon usually preached by the  parish priest or Mr  Stephen Blewett our newly appointed Deacon,  and the readings and prayers of intercession, where we pray for the church, the world and our loved ones, are given by members of the congregation There is a collection during one of the hymns to support Church funds and to support God’s work in general.

At the end of the service please feel free to have a look around the church, we hope you also will experience the peace and comfort that this House of God provides.

If you have any questions please use the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the web site and we will do our best to help.

•  Our church has an interesting history. Please click here to read more.

•  Who’s Who – please click here

•  We have a Parish/Community Hall opposite the church that is a popular and regular meeting place for Groups, Associations & Organisations. Please click here for more details. 




The church now has an Automated External Defibrillator for emergency use in cases of Cardiac Arrest. Full instructions are with the device which is designed for use by the lay person and guides the operator through the procedure with clear verbal instructions and visual prompts.

The AED is located on the left hand wall of the church porch, together will full instructions






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